Since the ellipticals were created in 1995, they have an important component for many gyms and cardio areas. We only carry commercial ellipticals of own brand and also True Fitness ellipticals where we have a huge variety, from fixed stride commercial ellipticals to adjustable stride ellipticals , to lateral trainers and the True Spectrum where at a touch of a button, the stride can be adjusted to accommodate all user heights. The objective having ellipticals as part of fitness equipment supplies is to offer users, not impact on the body joints. Cardio equipment has evolved very much and we offer different kind of consoles were you can connect them via Bluetooth to any phone, you can watch TV, videos and also have virtual reality which means that the user selects a trail or a run anywhere and commences to watch the images according to the speed he is doing.
Many elliptical trainer and most of the ones which offer LED consoles, are self powered so there in no need to provide power. We service and repair all the elliptical trainers we sell.