Impact Hydraulic equipment for seniors is exercise equipment that is elegant, functional, yet incredibly safe and simple to use by seniors at their own pace.

Minimal Space
Impact has a small footprint thus requiring less space. In addition, most have more than one function, which also means less floor space and have wheels to move them out of the way if the room is used by other activities.

Less Cost
Impact are designed to provide resistance on both the push and pull, this is called Auxotonic movement and is the best way to exercise to keep muscle mass. Almost all the machines are combo so the user can exercise two muscle groups at the same time, for example, the TR 807 when pushing, exercises the chest (chest press exercise) but when pulling, exercises the back (seated row exercise). Instead of buying a chest press and a row machine you get one with both functions.

Individual or group training
Impact machines can be used individually or in-group circuit with several machines. Auxotonic movement means that these special machines will vary the resistance with the speed and angle of the movement. This is extremely important when training seniors because everybody will be able to use the machines at their own pace and can stop the movement at any time with no consequences compared to conventional strength equipment. Each person will exercise at their own ability and stay in harmony with other class participants, no matter what their fitness level is.

Strength Training
For seniors, strength training is the most important way of exercise to maintain muscle mass and be able to hold a good posture or perform everyday movements like tying their shoes or pick up something from the floor. The focus for seniors should be to maintain as much as they can, their muscle mass. Impact machines can also be adjusted to higher settings to provide a progressive overload to the involved muscles, thus meeting the requirements for continual strength gains.

Cardio Training
Low resistance at relatively faster speeds while using muscle mass is required to achieve aerobic benefits. Impact machines challenge multiple muscle groups (push/pull). Doing intervals provides greater overall cardio benefits with less time.

Impact machines are designed for quick and easy access. The exercise can be stopped at any time without any problem. As these pieces are designed with the Auxotonic principle, a chest press machine, for example, can be pushed with two fingers if the movement is slow enough and can oppose a high resistance if the speed of the movement increases.

Low Maintenance & Warranty
Maintenance is pretty minimal and consists in cleaning the upholstery and frame of the machine on a weekly basis.
Warranty: The frame has a lifetime warranty , hydraulic cylinders have 3 years and upholstery has 1 year.
No Impact
Because no eccentric loads exist, there is virtually no impact to the joints. This is especially important as people age and begins to have joint problems. Exercise can help assure users are not injured and are able to sustain exercise for life.

Impact machines are almost self-explanatory. Sit on the seats and move the handles. If needed resistance can be adjusted with a knob located in the cylinder.