Lead-time 60-80 days

The new functional trainer is a full commercial functional trainer with Gauge 11 oval shape tubing frame and 2:1 ratio that has rubber feet and pronated and neutral chin bars.

  • Pulley box adjusts into several positions to provide great variety of exercises.
  • Space efficient personal training area very compact foot print only 60″ by  36″.
  • Two different chin up bars with neutral and pronated grips.
  • Two tier hanger storage for all accessories that include:
    • Two adjustable handles
    • Long bar
    • Triceps rope
    • Ankle strap
  • Cables are military grade , very flexible and nylon coated.
  • Extremely smooth feel.
  • Exercise chart glued to the inner shroud.
  • Weight stacks: We offer two metal stacks of 200 lbs each that can be increased up to 300 lbs each or alternatively we offer our zero noise two plastic stacks of 165 lbs each.



Frame: Lifetime.

Parts: 5 years.

Cables and attachments: 1 year.

Adjustable pulley box

The Adjustable pulley box features plastic rollers instead of plastic bushings so it glides on the vertical guide rod without the need of constant lubrication.

L C9711 Club Functional Trainer-B

Lc9711 size