MS-42 series offers modern style and optimum functions. This is the perfect choice for condos, apartment buildings, resorts, hotels, police, fire agencies and corporate fitness centers.
In its very compact foot print (2,700 mm * 2,250 mm) (106 ” * 88 ”)

The MS-42 has four stations and two stackss:

  1. Upper Body (chest press, incline chest press, shoulder press), Lat pull
    down, overhead triceps.
  2. Low Pulley, seated row, standing biceps curl.
  3. Leg extension / Seated leg curl.
  4. Leg and calf press.

The MS-42 multi station is a versatile multi gym that covers all body muscles and where two people can use it at the same time. The standard configuration has two metal stacks of 200 lbs each but we also offer for noise concerned customers , two stacks of 165 lbs each where the plates are coated in plastic to reduce noise. The metal pulleys combined with the aircraft flexible cables make it very smooth for two people to exercise at the same time.