Freedom Step Pro

Freedom-Step Pro Subfloor Panels serve a wide variety of applications where the absorption of impact and sound isolation are required. Freedom-Step Pro Subfloor Panels are an engineered floating floor system that allows multi-use buildings to function by mitigating structure borne sound transfer. Floor impact isolation is required for applications such as free weight drop and treadmill noise in health clubs, heavy floor impact for activities such as dance studios, martial arts, or aerobics classes.
Freedom-Step Subfloor Panels are ready to be installed right off the skid and do not require any special tools or training. The tongue and groove panels are simply tapped together using a hammer and spare piece of wood. It is recommended that they are installed in a brick pattern for the greatest stability followed by an overlay of plywood with joints staggered to the Freedom-Step Subfloor Panels. For dance floors use a good one side ½” plywood to retain the maximum resilience. For commercial gyms use minimum 5/8” or ¾” plywood before the gym floor finish for impact resistance. Concrete toppings can be poured over Freedom Step – Please consult factory for loadings.

Freedom Step Pro Installation Video

Freedom-Step Subfloor Panels System has the highest acoustic isolation for soundproofing rooms available of any floating floor in the world. Key to its performance are the diamond shaped isolators that consist of conical multi pointed compressible elastomer absorption pads and surrounded by acoustic media, that are pre-attached to nominal 2’x 2’ Tongue and Groove panels for fast and easy installation.
Acoustic performance is measured in an ASTM recognized testing method for IIC (Impact Isolation Class). The improvement is reported as Delta IIC. Lab Tested on a 6” concrete slab the Freedom Step System has the following acoustic performance.

Freedom-Step Pro Subfloor Panels – 2-5/8” overall thickness – Delta 44 improvement with significant low frequency benefits.