The pull rope attachment has six levels of magnetic resistance that provide 30 lbs of traction. This is an excellent exercise for upper body and will work every muscle to give an excellent workout.Fully portable can be anchored in crossbars of functional trainers , squat racks, 3D Smith machines or if used outdoors, it can be anchored to a tree.Comes with Kevlar belt and two carabiners that secure the unit to the anchor point.

Cardio Equipment - magnetic pull rope attachment wheel


The Metagenics Fitness Pull Rope attachment delivers functional strength and aerobic conditioning based on rope climbing principles without the inherent risk. Rope training , rope climbing offer a huge variety in functional training and give the user a full upper body workout like no other. The ability to adjust different magnetic levels of resistance and grips, makes the Metagenics Fitness magnetic Rope Trainer the ultimate fitness machine for rope training and a very interesting functional training tool. This Magnetic Rope climber pulley attachment is like no other and has several magnetic resistance levels. The rope is soft and easy to grip, durable and long-lasting.
The Pull Rope attachment is a great upper body versatile functional training fitness tool.
Get ready for the best upper body workout you’ll ever have.