The treadmills play an important roll in the fitness and exercise equipment industry. Metagenics Fitness Inc. has a great selection of commercial treadmills to cover all the needs of a modern gym , fitness centres and cardio rooms. We have our own brand of commercial treadmills that we supply Canada wide and we have done installations of fitness equipment in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, West Vancouver, Toronto, Vancouver, Manitoba, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary and Whitehorse to name a few. Our commercial treadmills are extremely reliable and are used in Condos, Fitness centres , correctional centres , Canadian Forces bases and Fire halls in Canada and many other places. We have designed our own self-propelled treadmill, THE POWERJOG that has magnetic resistance, a feature, that is extremely important when users want to walk so it stabilizes the belt. No electricity and no maintenance are needed for the Powerjog and it is engineered for a superior smooth ride and excellent muscle activation as your legs are the motor. Customers that have shown interest in this 100% green product are; the Canadian Forces, universities, fire halls and big recreational centres. The Powerjog will give you a similar experience to running outdoors vs the conventional electric treadmills that drag your feet. Many military bases and fire houses are featuring the Powerjog. We provide excellent preventive maintenance, service and repairs for all treadmills we supply and keep local inventory of critical components in stock to attend emergencies so we are able to quickly and efficiently respond to service calls and eliminate downtime.