The Selectorized weight lifting equipment machines offer a highly effective and time-efficient workout because different resistance can be quickly selected with a magnetic selector pin. The supportive structure, the biomechanically correct movement patterns, the ease of adjusting resistance workloads, and the advantage of focusing on muscle force production makes this new weight equipment,a great tool to maintain or build muscle.

Use of Selectorized gym equipment:

  • On a rotary movement selectorized exercise equipment (e.g., leg extension, arm curl, lateral raise) the key point is aligning the joint axis of rotation (e.g., knee, elbow, and shoulder) with the machine axis of rotation.
  • On a linear movement selectorized exercise equipment (e.g., leg press, chest press, and compound row) the key point is adjusting the seat for an appropriate range of pain-free movement in the target joints/muscles.
  • Select a resistance that can be performed between 8 and 12 repetitions (equivalent to 70 to 80 percent of maximum resistance).
  • When 12 repetitions can be completed in good form, the resistance should be increased by approximately 5 percent.
  • Control each repetition carefully, taking about 2 seconds for the weaker concentric muscle actions (lifting movements), and about 4 seconds for the stronger eccentric muscle actions (lowering movements).

Benefits of Selectorized exercise equipment Machines:
The major benefit of selectorized exercise gym equipment is having a weight stack, where with a selector pin, users can select an appropriate weight in seconds.