Back in 2009 we were challenged with the task of developing prison gym equipment that would be functional, cover all body muscles, be tamper proof and safe to be used by inmates without supervision. What complicated the task even more is that the exercise areas in jails are not big and multi stations or universal gyms that have lots of pulleys, cables and moving parts are not appropriate fitness solutions for jail workout equipment. We developed three fitness machines that are very compact and cover all major body muscles to give inmates a great workout routine. The MF-2020 is the Biangular Trainer where a total of six exercises can be performed in a biangular and biomechanically correct motion to exercise; chest, back and shoulders. The MF-2021 is a standing Biceps / Triceps machine to fully exercise the arms and the MF-2022 is a Leg Extension / Lying Leg Curl machine that exercises the legs. All three fitness machines give a very functional and total body workout using a very small exercise area.

All three fitness strength machines have the following safety features:

  • All pull/pop pins and weight selector pins can’t be removed and are secured with wire rope.
  • No metal shrouds for easy inspection after workout.
  • All strength equipment come with feet that have ½” holes to anchor them to the concrete floor.
  • Foam and upholstery pads are sweat resistant, anti bacterial and very firm to withstand the use and abuse of inmates. Our experience with North Fraser Pre trial is that upholstery pads lasted about 5 years.
  • The triceps rope and biceps bar can’t be removed. The top of the biceps / triceps machine has a double pulley to protect the cable in case, inmates exercise, overhead triceps.
  • All cables are aircraft commercial quality with flexible 7*19 construction that is nylon coated for maximum durability.
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