Special Air Fan Bike

Technical Specifications:

  • Heavy duty 24/7 use special Air Fan Bike designed for jails and inmate use.
  • Seat post and seat are secured with wire rope so they can’t be removed.
  • Unlimited power and watts output.
  • The seat height can be adjusted with a metal know that is fully secured and can’t be removed.
  • All body exercise dual action upper and lower body exercise.
  • Oversize pedal shaft of 18 mm.
  • Oversized crank and strong pedal arms to hold the metal pedals.
  • Bike can be used for upper body only , lower body only or dual use ; upper and lower body simultaneously .

The Power Air Fan bike is a heavy duty specially designed bike for inmate use in correctional centres. The bike comes with brackets and concrete anchors to be anchored to the concrete floors so the bike can’t be moved and inmates can exercise without supervision. The seat height adjustment knob is fully secured with wire rope so nothing can be removed on this bike to be used as a weapon and is safe to be used by inmates without any supervision.