The MF-Biangular trainer 2020 is a very compact and space efficient multi-station unit that offers six exercises in one machine with a heavy steel stack of 300 lbs in 15 lbs increments.This unit is ideal for small areas to give users amazing possibilities to exercise ; Shoulder press, Incline Chest Press, Flat Chest Press, High Row, Lat Pull Down and Lat Row.
The only single station in the market that can perform converging axis exercises in pushing and pulling patterns with perfect biomechanics. Users will appreciate how simple is to adjust this station to perform six different Biangular (converging axis) exercise patterns. The user simply pulls a pop pin on the main frame while holding on the exercise arm to position the arm up, for back exercises (pulling) or down, for chest and shoulder exercises (pushing). The user pulls a pop pin at the bottom of the bench mechanism to easily slide the bench into any of the three positions available for the desired exercise.
MF-2020 Biangular trainer
The first multi-motion machine that allows the user to work three different body parts with six different multi-plane movement patterns. You can upgrade your facility with the latest technology in converging and diverging strength equipment with a single machine, using a 4′ X 7′ area.


Dimensions: Width – 48″ Depth – 80″ Height – 70″
Shipping Weight: 675 lbs.
Weight Stack: 300 lbs. 19 plates of 15 lbs plus top plate
Black upholstery. Three-seat position allows 6 different exercises. Full commercial machine with 2.5 mm of steel tube thickness.
Safety: All three POP pins knobs are secured with wire rope. Magnetic selector pin secured to the frame with wire rope. No shrouds or plastic caps, commercial pulleys and cables. Has pre-drilled flanges to secure to the concrete floor with ½” concrete anchors.


Frame; Lifetime. Parts; 5 years. Cables, selector pin and upholstery; 1 year

Correctional fitness equipment suitable for all correctional centres that run exercise programs for inmates. The three piece circuit enables full body exercises that are safe where every part is secured so it can’t be removed. The three piece circuit enable full body training in a small area without being a multi station and should be anchored to the floor or wall of the jail. Heavy duty  selectorized fitness equipment to withstand the use and abuse of inmates without supervision. Six correctional centres in British Columbia feature this three piece circuit.


Lat pull / high row position

Shoulder/Chest & incline chest press position