Sound Dampening Rubber tiles:

The Sound Dampening  Rubber Tiles are a great solution to eliminate and or reduce the noise and vibration caused from dropping dumbbells and barbells over gym floors. The special pyramid design on the underlay provides minimal point of contact with the concrete to achieve maximum vibration and sound reduction. These tiles are stiff enough to be used for the entire gym surface as they can take cardio and strength equipment on them. This is an ideal solution for condos  gyms and apartment buildings were suites below , above or adjacent to the gym area are bothered by the vibration and sound from dropping dumbbells. Cross Fit gyms and gyms in general can also benefit when using these sound dampening tiles with noise and vibration reduction. 

Specification: Rubber tiles 500 * 500 * 40 mm thick . The tiles are connected by plastic connectors which are not visible giving an awesome look to a finished gym floor. We can provide all black tiles or with 15% white or grey speckles. We can also accommodate customers that want to make a central area in the gym with free weights only by providing transition and corner pieces , to see , press ” SOUND DAMPENING ACCESSORIES” 

Warranty: 5 years