Club Functional trainer:

The Functional Trainers are a truly innovative approach to functional training. This unique system combines the best aspects of selectorized and cable-based strength training equipment to offer simple, safe operation, expanded functionality and better results.

Functional Trainers are one of the pieces of gym equipment that you can do virtually every exercise on as it comes with many accessories that can be attached at both ends of the dual pulley system. Equipped with cable pulley systems, they target just about any muscle group in your body! You can do hundreds of variations of key movements to isolate certain areas. You can change the pivot point so that you are lifting from a low point, or pulling from a high point. The functional trainers are also very compact in footprint and with the help of a bench or a ball, lots of upper and lower body exercises can be done. The Club Functional trainer has endless possibilities in a very compact footprint.

3 D Smith Machine:

The conventional Smith Machine was invented in 1950 and has been used for many years, but, while the Smith machine seems to mitigate potential injury with the addition of the bar holding apparatus, it can do more harm than good when utilizing it for squatting. According to, the machine puts stress on joints because it is locked into a very unnatural movement ( up and down only).

The 3 D Smith machine is a new invention that solved the limited movement of the conventional Smith Machine by adding the feature of moving the Olympic bar, backwards and forward. The 3 D Smith Machine adds a lot of versatility to the conventional Smith Machine, making it obsolete.

With the 3D Smith Machine , users have a great variety of options and can squat , bench press , do lounges and much more , thanks to the unlimited movement the 3 D Smith machine has.

Ironman Functional Trainer:

The IRONMAN Functional trainer adds versatility with nearly limitless variety of exercises for a small training group.The Ironman Functional trainer creates a fun and energetic workout environment.The Ironman functional trainer is ideal for a dynamic group training or personal training or individual users. Many stations and accessories compose the ironman functional trainer:

  • Squat rack with Olympic bar and safety catches. Storage for kettle bells.
  • Two land mines to attach olympic bars.
  • Two stack functional trainer.
  • Medicine ball rebounder.
  • Lots of monkey bars to hang TRX suspension trainer straps.
  • Punching ball and boxing bag.
  • Dip bar , chin bar and step bar.

TRX suspension trainer rack:

Great rack to hang many TRX suspension trainers in a very safe and stable way. This unit can be anchored to the floor for extra safety.