The Half Rack FT7005A has the following features:

  • Six Olympic plate holders.
  • Six lower pegs and two upper pegs for dynamic training.
  • Olympic bar holder.
  • Neutral and pronated chin bars with TRX hook.
  • Two J hooks and two safety catches and four anchoring holes.


Frame: Lifetime. Full commercial warranty.
The Metagenics Fitness FT7005A Half Rack is a complete commercial half rack that features ; plate holders, has a bar holder, two J hooks to anchor the olympic bar, adjustable safety catches, TRX hook and pronated and neutral chin bars for a very complete workout.The half rack has also the option to anchor a multi purpose bench that will adjust horizontally and in different angles for upper body chest press , shoulder press and other exercises.

The Metagenics Fitness FT7005A Half Rack is a complete strength training fitness machine that comes with two J hooks to hold the Olympic bar for squat exercises and has the option of anchoring the FT7080 multi purpose bench so the half rack can be used for upper body exercises. The Half Rack comes with two safety catches, an Olympic bar holder, six plate holders and has neutral and pronated chin bars with a hook to attach either a TRX suspension trainer or a magnetic pull rope attachment :    https://www.metagenics.ca/producto/pull-rope-attachment-2/

Footprint dimensions

Optional bench FT7080 that locks in

All black frame