Compact 3D Smith Machine


  • Light weight Olympic bar 15 lbs. that is attached to the frame but moves freely providing endless possibilities of training.
  • Unrestricted movement backwards and forward and up and down with safety catches.
  • The anchor hooks to anchor the bar , travel with the bar to make it safe , where users can lock the bar with a flick of their wrist.
  • Chin up bars with neutral and pronated grips.
  • Sealed needle/ball bearings for smooth horizontal movement.
  • The 3D Smith can be anchored to the floor for extra safety.

Hi quality but very compact 3D Smith machine for commercial applications or when space is an issue as this very compact 3D Smith machine where the bar moves up and down but also forward and backwards provides endless possibilities similar to a free olympic bar but with the safety to be completely secured to the frame and with safety catches that can be adjusted in height to suit customers needs.  The light weight olympic bar is only 15 lbs. and moves freely in all directions to follow the user lifting pattern.

Size and dimensions

Black Frame right

Black Frame left

Upper and lower body use

Upper and lower body use