The 3D Smith Machine / Power Rack combo is the most versatile piece of fitness equipment in the market today and it consists of:

  • A 3D Smith machine, a power rack with plate holders and chin bars that have neutral and pronated grips.
  • The FT7080 multi purpose bench can be added and locks in, to allow horizontal and angle movement so the user can exercise upper body. If the bench is removed,  the 3 D Smith machine can be used for lower body exercises such as lounges and squats .
  • A wood/rubber platform can also be added for deadlifts and other exercises. The platform with non slippery wood insert has rubber on the side to dampen sound when the bumper plates are dropped.
  • Safety catches for the squat rack and 3D Smith machine.

The most versatile piece in a relative compact foot print which is ideal for many type of users. The 3 D Smith bar locks immediately with the flick of the wrist but also has two safety catches on the vertical guide rods to provide a safe environment for training . The 3D Smith machine allows users to move the bar up and down but also back and forth like the video shows.

The most important feature of this 3D Smith machine is that the hooks to anchor the olympic bar TRAVEL with the bar so to lock the bar , the user has to flick the wrist. Most 3D Smith machines are wrongly designed in the sense that the user has to physically walk to the hooks to anchor the bar.

Some important facts of the FT7020A 3D Smith machine/ power rack combo:

  • The FT7020A is the most versatile and safe piece of fitness equipment ever crated.
  • The Olympic bar moves unrestricted up and down and back and forth inside.
  • The safety catches can be adjusted which makes it ideal and safe for inexperienced users.
  • The multi purpose bench FT7080 can be locked to the Smith machine allowing upper body exercises.
  • To anchor the bar, you just have to flick your wrists as the anchoring hooks travel with the bar.
  • A spotter is not needed for military press exercise, as the user can bring the bar to a comfortable position to lift and start the exercise.
  • For hardcore lifters, the FT7020A 3 D Smith machine, is a squat on the outside where an Olympic bar can be anchored using the pair of J cups. The Power rack has also two safety catches that can be adjusted.
  • The FT 7020A 3D Smith combined with the FT7080 multi bench will give a complete lower and upper body workout.
  • The hook in the crossbar can take a TRX suspension trainer and or a magnetic pull rope :  https://www.metagenics.ca/producto/pull-rope-attachment-2/

Full Set

FT7020A 3D Smith machine/Power Rack Combo

FT7080 Multi-Bench

FT7095 Heavy Duty Platform