The Ironman Trainer
The Ironman trainer is the premier training destination that has several unique training spaces for multiple users. Our unique modular design can be customized to better reflect your training programs and objectives, and provide your exercisers with the motivational resources they want and need. The Ironman trainer has the following training stations:


Standard Features and training stations

  • Functional trainer dual cable station.
  • Squat Rack with two olympic bar holders and safety catches.
  • Two landmines and one of them with row handle.
  • One step adjustable platform,
  • One dip adjustable bar.
  • One boxing bag.
  • One speed bag.
  • Multiple monkey bars.
  • Multiple U shape anchors for battle ropes.
  • Four storage trays for kettle bells.
  • Four hangers for chains or resistance bands.

Additional Features

  • Rolling monkey bar.
  • Ball rebounder.
  • Agility ladder.
  • TRX suspension trainers.
  • Step.


The Ironman Trainer

The Ironman Trainer

Rolling Monkey bars

Ironman Trainer dimensions