Selectorized Equipment

The Selectorized weight lifting equipment machines offer a highly effective and time-efficient workout because different resistance can be quickly selected with a magnetic selector pin. The supportive structure, the biomechanically correct movement patterns, the ease of adjusting resistance workloads, and the advantage of focusing on muscle force production makes this new weight equipment,a great tool to maintain or build muscle.

Free Weights & Benches

The Metagenics Fitness Inc. line of free weight equipment includes a variety of olympic benches that are flat , incline or decline , multi incline benches , abdominal benches , chin up and knee raise machines, 45 degree squat and leg press , hyperextension bench , stretch machines , plate racks , dumbbell racks , cable cross over , smith machine, scott bench , calf machine and much more . Please click the PDF brochure to access all the products.

Plate Loaded Fitness Equipment

The plate loaded weight lifting equipment are different compared to selectorized gym equipment in the sense that they use individual plates for resistance. The plate loaded gym equipment is preferred by many athletes because it allows them almost unlimited loading of weight resistance as an user can load many plates on each side of the machine.

Functional Trainers-3D Smith Machines-TRX Racks & Squat Racks

The Functional Trainers are a truly innovative approach to functional training. This unique system combines the best aspects of selectorized and cable-based strength training equipment to offer simple, safe operation, expanded functionality and better results.

Commercial adjustable functional trainer
Universal multi station gym with five stations and four stacks

Multi stations and Universal Gyms

The multi station gyms are a combination of selectorized gym equipment put together to offer the most gym exercises in the minimum footprint. Multi stations or universal gym equipment are a great option for; condos, apartment buildings, hotels and corporate office buildings, as the provide users with plenty of options to exercise, and do not take much space.

Plates, dumbbells, bumper plates, dumbbell racks, olympic bars & weightlifting platforms

Metagenics Fitness Inc. has developed its own line of dumbbells, plates , barbells , Olympic bars and accessories. Weight plates, dumbbells and barbells are called free weights and they are an important component in any gym setting.We have developed a great urethane and rubber line of weight plates, dumbbells, barbells, bumper plates and accessories that are used in many gyms and crossfit centres.

Crossfit rigs, racks, boxing and MMA

Crossfit, MMA and boxing are conditioning programs that incorporate elements from High Intensity Interval Training , Olympic Weight lifting and Power Lifting but use very specific Crossfit gym equipment or Crossfit gear which is different from conventional fitness or gym equipment found in gyms.