Powerjog home self propelled curved treadmill for home that will activate your muscles like no other

The Powerjog Home is the most comfortable self-propelled treadmill in the market today

When the pandemic started we at Metagenics Fitness had the Powerjog for commercial use but decided to build a less expensive curve self powered treadmill for homes and we created the Powerjog Home. The Powerjog home is a very comfortable treadmill that is self-propelled and has a nice wood frame the looks amazing in any home. The rubber slats give unprecedented cushioning and protection to the joints , it is extremely easy to assemble and not heavy to move around the home. Being non motorized , it gives you muscle activation that you will not believe making your run short and efficient. Your legs are the motor and the position of your body gives you the speed. This link has a video that was sent from one of our customers in Alberta that build his own garage gym https://www.metagenics.ca/producto/powerjog-home-2/