Powerjog self propelled curved treadmill with resistance

Why is extremely important to have resistance on self-propelled treadmills

Back in 2016 I started showing interest on self-propelled curved treadmills for training and at that time I was supplying a self-propelled treadmill that had no resistance, and, there was a large recreational centre that gave me the opportunity to install a DEMO for 30 days and after that period the fitness coordinator shared with me the comment cards. I found out that 50% of the population liked the motionless treadmill and 50% found it non appealing , reason being , when for the first time you try a motor less treadmill and you use it to walk its a bit uncomfortable and you feel that the belt moves at a different speed of what you desire. After trying about 15 self-power treadmills and visiting many factories I decided to pursue my own and called it POWERJOG. I found out that even well established brands and products , felt very bad when I use them, most of them because they add a very heavy roller on the front that gives momentum like a spin bike so it is very difficult to get it going , speeding up and good luck stopping or even reducing speed. I created the Powerjog in 2019 that offers the perfect balance and it is a great tool to use in interval training because speeding up and slowing down is very easy to do and the user does not even need to grab the handrails , apart from that , I added resistance so when users want to use the Powerjog for walking only , they can add a little bit of resistance to stabilize the treadbelt and be comfortable and not chase the treadbelt like you end up doing with very many other self powered treadmills. In summary , the POWERJOG ticks all the boxes ;

  1. Great for interval training , quick change of speed. HIIT training.
  2. The muscle activation you get is amazing making your workout short and efficient instead of spending hours walking on a flat electric treadmill.
  3. The resistance feature will allow you to use it as a sled for rugby and other sports training.
  4. Great for walking, get to know the Powerjog by adding a bit of resistance to stabilize the treadbelt , this will SHORTEN the learning curve and you will be encouraged to use it again.