Commercial smart spin magnetic bike with console that connects with ZWIFT

Why is the New Smart Spin bike better than others in the market today?

The new Smart Spin bike has an internal magnetic motor that connects via Bluetooth with the ZWIFT app so when the user selects a virtual ride , the magnetic motor will automatically adjust the magnetic resistance to the terrain you are biking and that you are watching on your phone or tablet. Very well known brands like Peloton , do not have a magnetic motor and the user needs to adjust the resistance manually , does this make sense ? , personally I don’t think so because if you are biking up a hill , why will a trainer tell you to adjust the resistance to a certain level instead a leaving it to the virtual ride to do it for you. Personally I don’t think that riding a bike in a virtual trail needs a trainer to tell you what to do. ZWIFT is an amazing app that gives multiple bike rides to challenge yourself and compete with others and ZWIFT will adjust the resistance on the Metagenics Fitness Smart Spin bike according to the bike trail you choose.